Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service was the first Studio Ghibli film that I had watched. Kiki's Delivery Service was given to me at quite a bad time during my life, and since has ultimately become my favorite film.One day on a whim I decided to watch it. The general story line is about a young witch named … Continue reading Kiki’s Delivery Service


Persona 4 – Golden

I have never played a Persona game before (which I sorely regret now) but saw this second hand and as I did not have many games for my PSVita decided to pick it up. As this is a dungeon crawler it can get very boring. The first time you go through the dungeon can be … Continue reading Persona 4 – Golden

3 Things You Need to Consider to Have A Happy Holiday

This post makes some fantastic points regarding going on holiday and leaving your furry (or scaly depending on what pet you have!) behind.
I find this very important, especially as we have Stig who has had some health issues so we have to make sure the temporary owners are able to look after him and able to contact our vet in an emergency.

Hutch A Good Life

Well the whee have noticed the sun is occasionally shining again and you know what that means . . .  holiday time! But have you put any thought into what you are going to do with your pets while you are enjoying yourself? This was something Mummy considered very carefully with her parents and family before she actually took on her first piggies. There are 3 main things to take into consideration:

  1. wpid-img_20141203_111300.jpgWho? – Who will look after your piggies? How well do they know guinea pigs? Guinea pigs are very good at hiding illnesses, would your chosen carer be able to spot the signs of what isn’t normal behaviour for each guinea pigs?
  2. What? What plans are in place should your guinea pig(s) fall ill whilst with your chosen carer? What guidance will you give the carer?
  3. Where? Where will the piggies stay? What arrangements will be made to…

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