Graze Box – 1

So I decided to start getting a Graze box every fortnight after seeing a few of my friends – some of stuff looked so good and I thought it would be nice to take a variety of snacks to work every now and then. So here is what I got in my first Graze box.

On the website you then select whether you do not like this snack, liked it or loved it.

Herby Bread Basket

I was super excited to try this. In it was garlic crostini, mini basil bread sticks and oregano rice crackers. The first thing I tried was the rice crackers simply because I am not a massive fan of rice crackers (I think they have a weird taste no matter what the flavour…) and as per usual I did not like them. I then tried the mini basil bread stick and these were lovely, they were very flavoursome but not too overpowering. Finally I ate the garlic crostini (which is basically garlic bread like croutons) and they were gorgeous. Although the rice crackers let it down I clicked like on Graze as the bread sticks and croutons certainly made up for it! LIKE

Peanut Butter Dip with Pretzelsticks

I am not the biggest fan of peanut butter so I was little wary of this…I have had peanut butter dip before and loved it, so no harm in trying is there? The dip itself was gorgeous but it was very sweet and I was expecting the pretzelsticks to be a little salty which unfortunately they were not. If the pretzelsticks were salty then this would be a winner. LIKE

Deconstructed Carrot Cake

I saw my fried had this in one her Graze boxes and was one of things that actually made me sign up…I adore carrot cake. In this it had walnuts, cinnamon flavoured raisins, carrot chews and yoghurt coated sunflower seeds. When eating each of these separately they were very nice, I cannot fault any of them (even the carrot chews! They were more of a sweet than a carrot) but they are nothing special. They each taste wonderful but not amazing. However when you place them altogether it does create a special flavour. It does actually taste (nearly) like carrot cake! I was very impressed. You get the lovely warming flavour from the raisins, the sweet flavours from the carrot and yoghurt coated seeds with a lovely crunch from the walnuts. Simply amazing. LOVE

Light Lemon and Poppy Slice with Afternoon Tea

I cannot really give a review on the tea, I do not like tea – which I know is shocking for an English person. To me it always just taste like funny flavoured water…But the cake was outstanding. It was very light and fluffy with a subtle lemon flavour and some lovely texture. I love cake and this was one of the best lemon flavoured ones I have tried. LOVE

Want to sign up for your own Graze box and get your 1st, 5th and 10th box for free? Sign up using the code LNJCKFZ6B and enjoy!!



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