Gin and Tonic Cupcakes

So seeing as it was bank holiday weekend I decided to make some special cupcakes – gin and tonic cupcakes.

I have baked with alcohol before I always found the subtle flavors really lovely for a grown up treat.

When I found a recipe that I was happy with I got my ingredients together and got started.

The batter itself was very simple, sugar, butter, eggs and relying only self-raising flour and tonic water to make the cakes rise and to keep them light and moist. The batter was quite thick and I was little skeptical however those rose perfectly, kept a beautiful shape with a gorgeous golden brown colour. Once you took them out the oven you were then brush over as much gin as you dared, and boy could smell it when brushing it on.

The frosting itself was again simple, icing sugar and butter with flavors from lime and more gin. The recipe did suggest to decorate to put lime zest and a thinly slice on top, however for my own personal taste I felt there was enough lime flavor in the frosting and went simple.

The cupcake itself was light and fluffy and very nicely flavored with the icing packing a punch. All the flavors mixed together worked wonderfully and I will definitely use this recipe again for an adult dinner party!

You can find the recipe here


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