Persona 4 – Golden

I have never played a Persona game before (which I sorely regret now) but saw this second hand and as I did not have many games for my PSVita decided to pick it up.

As this is a dungeon crawler it can get very boring. The first time you go through the dungeon can be interest as usually around the middle floor there is a little puzzle to do before you are allowed any further. However once you have been through through the dungeon once and seen all the monsters, it gets very tedious and you must have great concentration, especially when grinding to ensure your characters are strong enough for the next dungeon (or getting that bloody Rise trophy…).

However the strong points of this game, and help make the game an absolutely brilliant and fun game to play is the story, the characters and, of course, the Personas.

The story in itself is very interesting and once when you think you have figured it all out it all of a sudden changes direction leaving you on the edge of your seat. It runs smoothly, also once you have played the game once you do have an option to fast forward parts so you do not have to watch the whole story again.

The characters are wonderful. The main protagonist is basically a blank page and fill in the colour depending on what options you select. Its very rare (I think!) that you build a ‘bond’ with your main character but in this game you do as you are helping him move his relationships forward (or backwards…), make him study, build up his characteristics, etc. and it makes it that bit more special. The side character themselves are well done and each serve a role in the game well. The main character helps bring them all together and also helps some characters become stronger and better people.

The Personas is kind of like a ‘gotta catch ’em all’ feature and it is extremely fun going through the dungeons to find the missing Persona cards and then building up your relationships with the characters to fuse Personas together and eventually get the ultimate Persona. It is a wonderful feature and you can a find a Persona that is best suited for you and build up a very strong team.

Overall I really enjoyed this game and played many times to get the platinum trophy and to ensure I did not miss anything along the way. If you have a PSVita I feel this is a must buy.


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