Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki’s Delivery Service was the first Studio Ghibli film that I had watched.

Kiki’s Delivery Service was given to me at quite a bad time during my life, and since has ultimately become my favorite film.One day on a whim I decided to watch it.

The general story line is about a young witch named Kikin who sets off on her flying broom with her cat Jiji to start a new life. She sets up a business of her own which sets out her doing deliveries on her broomstick.

During the first delivery it goes horrifically wrong and she loses the black cat she was meant to be delivering and delivers Jiji (who must act like a toy) in its place. She then finds Ursula, a young painter, where the toy cat fell who helps her replace it.

Once she returns to town she befriends a young boy called Tombo who is obsessed with flying (even creating his own flying bike) and very impressed with Kiki’s flying skills. However Kiki does not like Tombo’s friends.

As the story goes on it seems Kiki becomes quite home sick and becomes quite depressed, even more so when she stops understanding Jiji (who prefers to spend his time with a pretty white cat) and she loses her ability to fly. Ursula drops by and explain she may be suffering from a “block” and needs to find a new purpose.

During one delivery she witnesses an horrific airship accident which leaves Tombo dangling in the air. Kiki summons all the powers she has and is able to fly again and save Tombo. Albeit she is not able to understand Jiji anymore she is able to continue her business and becomes good friends with Tombo and becomes very happy in her new life.

The reason this film made me so happy because it was like everything was doomed and she was going to give up – but she never did and she believed in herself and saved her friend.


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