1Q89 – Book Three

I was introduced to Murakami last year. His books are really…well strange. With a person he always puts the minimal amount of description against them (unless they are an important character) and he puts in very little names, only giving names (and these can be basic at times…) to once again the important characters. His way of writing is very easy to read and very mystical.

1Q89 is basically an alternative universe where there are two moons in the sky. Aomame enters this world through an exit on a motorway. In this world Aomame find events that she cannot remember and also gets involved with a dangerous cult, known as the Sakigake, killing their leader. Leader informs her she cannot leave this world.

Tengo becomes wound up in a ghost story writing plot. His good friend who is an editor has found a story with good potential, however it is badly written. The book is written by Fuko-Eri, an escapee of the Sakigake group, who writes a story of her meeting the Little People. During this time Tengo experiences many odd events that he simply cannot explain. For example his older girlfriend he can no longer see becomes irretrievably lost.

In book three both Tengo and Aomame realise they must reunite (after not seeing each other since school) in order to get out of 1Q84 and return to 1984. How Aomame is not allowed to leave her safe house due to being pursued by Sakigake, and to make matters more difficult she discovers she is pregnant, despite not having any sexual relations for many months.

Despite the majority of the book Aomame remains in her safe house and Tnego is visiting his dying father a lot does happen and the book is by no means boring. There are three characters that you see through their view, Aomame, Tengo and Usikawa. Usikawa is hired by Sakigake in order to search for Aomame. Each story expresses how they cope in 1Q84 and their different characters and personalities. It also expresses what they each discover.

Eventually Aomame and Tengo do meet and Aomame goes back through the exit (although she goes the opposite way) and return to a world with one moon. Is this 1984? They do not know.

Murakami’s books always end very open, which is very frustrating. The books ends with Tengo and Aomame going to a hotel and sleeping with one another. You do not get to find out if they did return back, whether Sakigake is still after Aomame and how their lives turn out together.

Overall the book (and the series) is fantastic. Is mystical and you are constantly reading out to find out what happened and to answer the many questions you have upon ending each chapter.


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