Stig – Another Update

This weekend we made another trip to Northampton with Sitg. I was pretty nervous as this was the first time we had had a three week gap between appointments. Although his front teeth looked good, I could not see how his back teeth looked. He was still eating, drinking and had plenty of energy though…

This time we saw Kim. Last time we saw Kim she was convinced that Stig’s teeth would never get better and we would never get beyond two weeks. On first impressions she noticed how Stig had changed, he looked healthy, he had filled out more and his coat look amazing (instead of pulling it out he was actually cleaning himself…), also he had loads of energy. She weight him and he is now 1.23kg!! He has put on 10% of his weight in three weeks. All by himself.

She then went to get his teeth checked whilst I waited in reception. I was called back in in around five minutes, compared the the ten minutes. I commented on how quick and quiet it was. She said that no work actually needed to be undertaken! The only work they did do was actually pre-emptive work but other than that his teeth were actually pretty normal! I gave Stig a good rub to say well done and he purred back as if in response. I am so happy and proud with him.

Kim thought we might be able to come back in five weeks, six at a push, because his teeth were that good. I decided to bring him back in four weeks just to make sure everything was going well.

Stig is an amazing case. His teeth were in such a state and for him to recover, and this quickly as well, is just simply amazing. We were told he is an exception.


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