Graze – Box Two

Summer Berry Compote

This had two parts, compote which was made up of raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants with wholemeal shortbreads.

The compote itself was lovely, it was sweet and had a nice thick consistency so you could scoop it up with the flapjacks. It also had the seeds in which I enjoy in compote as it gives it a bit of texture.

The wholemeal shortbread were wonderful, they were sweet and worked well with the compote. My only complaint was they did not have the usual shortbread texture, they were a bit more chewy. Other than that this made a wonderful snack. LOVE

Smoky Hotdog

When I saw this I was a bit confused, mainly because it did not have any hotdog at all in the box, it was filled with cheddar bruschetta, mustard breadsticks and smoked cashews.

The cheddar bruschetta was wonderful, they were not too overpowering and were very crunchy. The mustard breadsticks were not the usual yellow mustard you see on hotdogs but more of a French mustard and once again was not overpowering at all. The smoked cashews were wonderfully smoky and if you eat them all together you do get a wonderful taste sensation in your mouth, which weirdly does resemble a smoky hotdog! However this is a much healthier alternative. LOVE

Beach Bum

I have never been a fan of dried fruit, I don’t know why, I have just never been keen on it but I decided to try this as tropical flavours are one of my favourites. In this it had dried pineapple, banana coins and coconut flakes, nothing else. Nothing added.

The dried pineapple was lovely. It was chewy but not tough and was sweet. Pineapple has always been one of my favourite fruits but at times it can be quite sour and upsets this mouth, however I had no problems with this.

The banana coins weren’t hard like usually as I find banana coins are, they were once again chewy, not tough, and had a lovely texture. They were full of banana flavour.

The only bit I did not like were the coconut flakes. I thought they were going to be like dessicated coconut and a bit sweet but they really weren’t. In fact they were bland and the texture was awful. They were tough and I imagine it was like what eating tree bark would be like.

Despite the coconut the pineapple and banana made it for it. LIKE

Hot Cross Yum

I am such an awkward eater, hot cross buns, yep you guessed it. I don’t like so once again I was sceptical of this. Much like the deconstructed carrot cake this was a deconstructed hot cross bun with orange flavoured raisins, sponge pieces and cinnamon and honey almonds.

The raisins were lovely, I much more prefer flavoured raisins and the orange worked wonderfully in them. The sponge pieces were a little odd, they were more biscuity than cake, but they worked wonderfully and helped balance the sweetness from the almonds and raisins.   The almonds were amazing, they were covered in a glaze that tasted wonderfully sweet with just a hint of cinnamon. LOVE

If you want to sign you for Graze you can get your 1st, 5th and 10th box for free using the code LNJCKFZ6B



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