Dealing with Anxiety and Depression

This year has been one of the hardest years of my life. I feel so ungrateful and horrible for saying that.

In January I got diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

I do not know when I started suffering from it but I feel it has been a while. I always struggled talking to people and fitting in, sticking to a strict routine, my mood would change dramatically and I struggled doing day to day tasks. I knew it was starting to become a problem when I would breakdown over the slightest thing, was unable to go into shops and people were saying I had become very nasty and sharp. I was extremely paranoid, convinced people hated me and strangers were constantly laughing and talking about me. I had no confidence what so ever.

I have decided I want to talk about this in my blog – simply due to the fact I have no one to speak to about it.

I feel incredibly alone and ashamed by what is happening.


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